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President Mr. Yukinori Kida Mr. Yukinori Kida

Upon graduation in from Meiji University in 1969 Mr. Kida established the company.

He introduced a rapid prototyping machine, a first in the Japanese plastic manufacturing industry.

Now he is the second chairman of the Japan Rapid Prototyping Industry Association.
He has worked tirelessly to create new methods for plastic and ceramic manufacturing.

I have done MONOZUKURI in Ota Ward, Tokyo, JAPAN for 40 years.
(MONOZUKURI is a Japanese term that means making something with better ideas.)

Ota Ward is considered the origin of the Japanese industrial nation.
KDA Corporation is a mid-size factory making various machine parts for leading enterprises.

I have identified needs and hope to introduce further improved processing methods.
We have two sales categories: the processing of engineering plastics and ceramics.
Reviewing this dichotomy, we have structured the new product lines through development.

Today our products find application in top technology areas such as machines for manufacturing semiconductors, and fuel cells.
Many specialist have contributed and we work closely with them in development projects. This experience has contributed to our base of skills.

Through MONOZUKURI, we have identified new needs and created better ideas that convert the complicated into something simple.




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